Danielle Maylyn is the founder of Spirits Voice, a publishing company encouraging people to recognize their value. An intuitive author, Danielle helps re-connect people with their authentic selves and encourages them to stand confidently in their truth.

Danielle’s core motivation is to inspire and encourage others to recognize their potential and create a life that mirrors their desires. Her journey has inspired others to redefine their boundaries and overcome self-imposed limitations in the quest for positive change. 


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MARCH 6TH, 2021
Los Angeles, CA

Join Danielle for a full day workshop. Decode Your Fears will help you to define you desires, understand your fears, and overcome your limitations. You will learn to focus your energy in the right direction and start living to your potential.

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Anxiety Messengers Series provides greater insight into your fear, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Discover what emotional challenges or false beliefs are limiting your potential.


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