Danielle Maylyn is the founder of Spirits Voice, a publishing company encouraging people to recognize their value. An intuitive author, Danielle helps re-connect people with their authentic selves and encourages them to stand confidently in their truth.

Danielle’s core motivation is to inspire and encourage others to recognize their potential and create a life that mirrors their desires. Her journey has inspired others to redefine their boundaries and overcome self-imposed limitations in the quest for positive change. 




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  • April 10, 2021
  • Saturday, 9AM to 5PM

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San Francisco

Saturday, 9AM to 5PM
April 10, 2021



San Francisco

Saturday, 9AM to 5PM
April 10, 2021


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Early Bird tickets available until Feb 16th. (Standard Ticket $160)

Limited tickets available.


Full day workshop. 9am – 5pm.

A comprehensive workbook and pen will be supplied.

Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee also supplied.


Is a lack of confidence holding you back?

Your dreams may be in sight, however, finding the confidence to take that first step can be the biggest hurdle to overcome. For some just the thought of stepping out of their comfort zone can trigger panic attacks and deep-rooted fear. Losing trust in your ability to successfully navigate through change can keep your aspirations permanently on the back burner. Rebuilding your self-trust can help you break holding patterns and remove self-imposed limitations.


Are you anxious about introducing change?

A change in direction can be daunting because of the uncertainty. You might be concerned about your financial security or that you are underprepared to take a leap of faith. Or perhaps previous unsuccessful attempts have fueled your anxiety because you are worried that you will once again fail. When you recognize the boundaries of your support system you can start to push back against your fears and confidently step out of your comfort zone.


Do you fear judgment, criticism, confrontation, or lack of acceptance?

Social anxiety can be debilitating and keep you within the bounds of fear. Stepping towards your desires can challenge your vulnerabilities and make you susceptible to judgment and criticism. Maybe you feel like you are not good enough or worry that your imperfections will be realized. Instead of processing the overwhelming emotions we tend to hinder our progress by avoiding change. When you acknowledge which insecurities are feeding your anxiety you can reprogram limiting beliefs.


Gaining deep levels of understanding about your self-imposed limitations is instrumental in orchestrating change. When we fail to translate the meaning of our fears we are left with emotions that we don’t know how to process. These emotions tend to build up reinforcing our insecurities and adding another complex layer to our anxiety. As humanity has progressed the meaning of our fears has been lost in translation. By learning the language of fear we can decode our insecurities and effectively reprogram beliefs that would otherwise remain unchecked.


Perfectionism, social comparisons, the need for acceptance, and a constant stream of temporary validation can send our inner critics into overdrive. In an attempt to resolve our inadequacies we often seek approval and artificial fulfillment from external sources. The effects of which are often short lived because we are essentially trying to fill a void that can only be filled from within. Decode Your Fears will help you recognize your value and rebuild your self-esteem. Not only will gain a new sense of confidence but your new concepts of self will be positively reflected in your circumstances.


It can be difficult to know when to introduce change. Making a bold move prematurely or in the wrong direction can lead to regret. The ‘unknown factor’ casts a heavy shadow of uncertainty and self-doubt. Generally we will respond with avoidance preferring to stay in the safe-zone. Or we will try and take control and lead by our expectations. Decode Your Fear will teach you to identify obstacles and challenges as resistance and effectively assess your circumstances so you can react accordingly. You will start to flow with life instead of continuously pushing back against it.


Often people are taught to recognize fear and override it. But your fears offers valuable insight into your self-imposed limitations. By listening to the hidden messages within your fears you can remove energetic boundaries that have previously held you back. Decode Your Fears will provide you with a greater sense of self-awareness and the tools required to break negative behavioral patterns, reprogram limiting beliefs, and reinforce your self-worth. Instead of being limited by your fears you can use them as leverage to confidently step towards your desires.



If you have been holding yourself back it’s time to make your desires a priority and take the first step. Decode Your Fears will help you to define your desires, understand your fears, and overcome your limitations. You will learn to focus your energy in the right direction and start living to your potential. Danielle will help guide you through your fears but it’s up to you to put action behind intention. With greater self-awareness, you will stop making fear-based decisions and confidently step into your greatness. No more excuses. No more delays.


Exposure therapy and other personal coping strategies help people deal with anxiety at a surface level. However if you don’t deal with the underlining belief systems creating the fear they will continue to resurface. When you Decode Your Fears you reveal the source of your anxiety. Identifying the origin of your fears allows you to consciously reprogram the negative perceptions that continue to limit your experiences and define your circumstances. The first step to introducing positive change is to recognize what behavioral patterns are holding you back from achieving your goals.


Consider what fears are preventing you from taking the next step.

It could be that you fear that you are not enough. Or perhaps you worry that you fall short of people’s expectations.


Risk vs reward often surfaces when we contemplate change. Stepping out of your comfort-zone offers many unknowns.


A fear of success can consist of many layers. But often people fear the risk of failure, social resistance, or falling short of expectations.


Do you sacrifice yourself in order to avoid confrontation? Maybe you fear that you will be judged, criticized, or be seen as wrong.


Once bitten, twice shy. The fear of emotional exposure can make you apprehensive preventing you from taking the next step.


Are you unwilling to put yourself out there because you worry that your imperfections and weaknesses will be exposed?


Do your trust issues keep you behind protective barriers? Do you stay in a toxic relationship because you fear separation?


Perhaps your unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and need for certainty is holding you back or delaying your progress.


Do you isolate yourself because you fear you will not be accepted? Are you pushing people away before they have a chance to reject you?


Are you distracting yourself with comparisons or has lack become your focus? FOMO can significantly delay your progress.


Is the fear of failure standing between you and your goals? Do you reject opportunities to avoid the possibility of failure?


Could it be a fear of criticism, rejection, or public ridicule is holding you back. Do you take negative feedback personally?


Gain deeper awareness of your self-imposed limitations.

The first step to change is the awareness that change is required. Once you gain a better understanding of your limitations you can consciously introduce change. Danielle will help you to discover the origin of your insecurities, self-beliefs, and fears. Because in order to introduce long-term positive change you need to work directly with the source of your insecurities and beliefs. By Decoding your Fears you can unlock your potential and step out of the shadows of fear.


Break behavioral patterns and reprogram limiting beliefs.

Thankfully our negative behavioral patterns and beliefs can be consciously reprogrammed allowing us to shift energetic blocks. Decoding your Fears guides you from fear, back to the insecurities that are out of balance, and then encourages you to reprogram the destructive beliefs. Once you implement change you can use your anxiety and fear as leverage to help you push back against overwhelming emotional resistance. Instead of avoiding fear you start to consciously manipulate it to your advantage.


Embrace change and step into the unknown.

Your spiritual GPS is an incredibly accurate guidance system based on the observation of energetic feedback. Danielle will teach you how to recognize resistance markers and use them to guide you in the right direction. Instead of avoiding change you will start to trust the guidance it provides. You will quickly rebuild your self-confidence and start to step into the unknown without the fear of failure.


Step away from non-supportive relationships.

When you make significant changes to how you perceive yourself the world that you experience begins to mirror those changes. Healing unresolved emotions, rebuilding your self-worth, and shifting negative beliefs not only transforms how you view yourself but also shapes how the world views you. When you start to recognize your value and define your boundaries non-supportive relationships step away. Your circumstances start to reflect your new self-concept introducing more positive relationships. And although the Decode Your Fears process can be a emotionally challenging you deserve to be surrounded by people who value you.


Confidently chase that promotion or make a career change.

Does part of you want to ask for a pay rise or put your name forward for a promotion? Maybe you are holding yourself back because you fear your requests will be rejected or you don’t want to create unnecessary conflict in the office. Are you miserable in your current career? Have you been avoiding change because you are financially dependent on your position and fear that you will struggle to find new opportunities. Decoding your Fears will guide you to choose a path that leads to a positive outcome.